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Free 1st class delivery on all orders in the UK

Childrens Kids Boys Girls Navy Boiler Suit, Fake Knife and Blood Fancy Dress Costume 4-12 Years

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Size: Small 4-6 years

"Introducing the Ultimate Halloween Thrill: Children's Blue Boiler Suit Costume! 

Get ready for spine-tingling Halloween excitement with our Children's Blue Boiler Suit Costume. This iconic ensemble is designed to give your child the eerie look of the infamous horror character, and is perfect for young Halloween enthusiasts looking to send chills down spines.

Our Children's Blue Boiler Suit Costume includes:

  1. Blue Boiler Suit: Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this high-quality blue boiler suit is the cornerstone of the costume, providing an authentic horror movie look. Its comfortable fit ensures that your child can move freely while creating an aura of suspense.

  2. Fake Bloody Knife: Add an extra layer of authenticity to the costume with our incredibly realistic fake bloody knife. It's the ideal accessory for young thrill-seekers ready to embrace the sinister side of Halloween.

  3. 16ml Fake Blood Tube: Spark your child's creativity as they customize their costume with our 16ml fake blood tube. Whether it's for creating chilling effects or eerie splatters, this tube allows them to craft a Halloween look that will leave an indelible mark.

Available in three sizes:

  • Small (4-6 years),
  • Medium (7-9 years),
  • Large (10-12 years)

Our Children's Blue Boiler Suit Costume is the ultimate choice for young Halloween aficionados seeking to recreate the chilling presence of this iconic character. It's versatile and ready for any spooky adventure they have in mind.

It could be used for characters such as Jason or Michael Myers.

Prepare for a Halloween filled with thrills and excitement as your child steps into the shoes of a horror movie character.