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Free 1st class delivery on all orders in the UK

Adults Glaring Grim Reaper Fancy Dress Costume Scythe Light Up Eyes Halloween Death

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£19.99 - £19.99
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Size: M-L up to 44" Chest

"Summon the Spirit of Halloween with Our Adult Size Grim Reaper Costume!

Prepare to unleash the Grim Reaper within you with our meticulously crafted costume ensemble that is destined to haunt the night. This sinister attire will have you embodying the very essence of death itself, making it the ultimate choice for Halloween and other spine-tingling events.

Our Grim Reaper Costume includes:

  1. Black Hooded Robe: Step into the shadows with our haunting black hooded robe, designed to shroud you in mystery and strike fear into the hearts of those who cross your path.

  2. Light Up Eyes Mask: Our light-up eyes mask features menacing red orbs that gleam eerily in the dark, ensuring your presence is truly otherworldly and bone-chilling.

  3. Black Gloves: These gloves complete your transformation into the Reaper of souls, concealing your mortal hands and adding authenticity to your spine-tingling appearance.

  4. Plastic Scythe: No Grim Reaper is complete without their iconic scythe. Our lightweight plastic scythe lends a touch of realism to your costume and exudes an aura of impending doom.

Choose from two sizes:

  • M-L (Up to 44" Chest, up to 36" waist)
  • L-XL (Up to 52" Chest, up to 46" waist)

It's time to cast your shadow over the night and summon the souls of the departed.  Don this attire and become the Reaper of souls who will haunt the night!"